BRAIN TEASER Game - mind boggling game

The Brain Teaser game is a fascinating game for all ages with guessing numbers logically with help of tips given for numbers selected. How simple! Yes but perplexing too! 

Objective of the Game is to create a Set of 4-Numbers from 1-9 without repeating any number to match a hidden set of 4-Random Numbers created by the Program on starting the game.  There are 3024 Permutations and 126 Combinations to choose from. So in all 3150 choices to choose from. But it is not all a “Blind Search”. There are Tips on each set of Numbers Selected giving the following information on the Selected Set of 4-Numbers:  

Runs on : Windows OS minimum windows xp

File name : BrainTeaserSetup.exe

File size : 6 mb

Download Games  [Updated on 14/09/2016]

1. Brain teaser Demo (6 MB)

2. Math game series 1 (4.8 MB)

Contact : Sunil Hamsagar

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The Brain Teaser

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