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  Advanced HAZOP software

HAZOP Software (Advanced)

  • Offer on Advanced QRA software OR Advanced HAZOP software just pay 900.00 USD for 60 days validity / 425.00 USD for 25 days validity

  • Offer on Advanced QRA software Plus Advanced HAZOP software just pay 1550.00 USD for 90 days validity

  • Offer on Advanced QRA software Plus Advanced HAZOP software just pay 4650.00 USD for 360 days validity

  • Offer on Advanced QRA software only just pay 3500.00 USD for 360 days validity

  • Offer on Advanced HAZOP software only just pay 1500.00 USD for 360 days validity

* Offer for single user ( Means One PC )

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HAMS-GPS HAZOP Analysis Module is one of the most advanced HAZOP Softwares that provides for the following features:   


  1. 26-Preset design intentions of most common usage fully HAZOP analysed, 

  2. Option to insert all the HAZOP observations and recommendations on selected deviation of your project from corresponding deviation of any of the preset design intentions, 

  3. Add and Edit option to change the current focus space of your HAZOP study,  

  4. Options to edit existing Guidewords for other HAZOP studies. 

  5. Use data option in your current focus space of your HAZOP study from any of your previous HAZOP study deviations. 

  6. The most innovative Provision of HAMS-GPS HAZOP Module is availability of Risk Based Investigation (RBI) Matrix conforming to European Process Safety Centre’s Process Safety Review (PSR) system. This facility enables quantified picture in tabular and coloured matrix form the Damage and Chance levels of the potential accidents revealed by HAZOP study. 

  7. Provision for Action by information on Department and Persons responsible for implementing the HAZOP recommendations. 

  8. Provision for report giving only those deviations where recommendations have been made for improvement and report where all HAZOP guideword forms have been edited. 

  9. Provision for RBI-Matrix report, 

  10. Provision for full/selected/sorted HAZOP study report.  

HAZOP Software

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 HAZOP Software

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HAZOP Software

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