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Air,  gas, Stack gas dispersion modeling software 

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA )  

Snapshots of advanced Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA ) software 


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Atmospheric dispersion module


Stack Dispersion Module (EIA)  3:18

Advanced Stack Dispersion Module (EIA) sample report

Advance stack dispersion (EIA) (Gaussian air dispersion modeling), fully conforming to “Assessment of Impact of Air Environment: Guidelines for Conducting Air Quality Modeling”, Programme Objective Series: PROBES/70/1997-98, The Program -[Options: any Time EIA. covers Stack Dispersions under Stability Class for data used and includes Stack Gases covered under Ambient air Quality Monitoring Standards Published in Gazette No-660 dated 16th November, 2009 namely: SO2, CO2, NO2, CO, CH4, SPM<10 mcr, SPM<2.5 mcr, Pb, O3 with Standards under Industrial, Domestic and Sensitive locations. Maps in any Orientation of Wind. It has also Plotting for ISO-Concentration Contours in 8-Orientation 

Options to compute concentration reached at ground level from release point  Plume or Puff from:

  1. Stack (e.g. Height of release from 1 m to 100 m or more) 

  2. Pit (e.g. Height of release 1 m or more)

  3. Vehicular Pollution  (e.g. Height of release 1 m or more)

  4. User Entered quantity released  (e.g. Height of release 1 m or more)

i. Graphs can be plotted to scale on Site Maps
both in Graphics and AutoCAD .dwg files. 



Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA ) module Stack Height of release at 100 m Dispersion modeling


Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA ) module pollutant. Quantity released entered at Height of release at 1 m Dispersion modeling

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA ) module Vehicular Pollution 

EIA module showing concentration distances

Showing various mapping options and settings

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