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HAMS-GPS (Hazard Management Systems and General Programs in Safety) is one of the most advanced PC-Software package that is both comprehensive in spread and depth of coverage and capabilities. HAMS-GPS Software was first developed as a DOS Software Package under sponsor from The Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF) Government of India in 1993-95. The DOS Software was used extensively and studies undertaken were approved by the State and Central Government.


The Windows version HAMS-GPS was developed in 2001 is a very advanced software package, which has also undergone applications in several EHS-studies in India and abroad. The software is professionally built and is menu driven under the main menu drive module. There are a number of Expert Modules. The HAMS-GPS Software can be licensed for the entire package / limited time period offer including all the Expert Simulation Modules. Look for release of new Windows’ versions and updates on the web. Payment can be made in parts/full through / through net banking, bank details shall be sent on request.


Payment options


1. Link to send payments through  : https://www.paypal.me/HAMSAGARS 

2. Direct payment to our bank account by Net banking / e payment , Our bank details shall be sent on request


You can pay 300 USD in advance and pay the remaining amount within 10 days after installation of licensed modules (This is only for new licensee)


NOTE : HAMS-GPS Softwares are licensed after the Licensee's name is incorporated in the Licensed copy of the Software. Orders for HAMS-GPS Soft wares may therefore, include their short name in maximum letters of up to 35.


All HAMS-GPS EHS Software modules licensed shall be treated as a PACKAGE only and any additional software module(s) shall also be part of same already licensed package and only upgrade for additional software module(s) shall be issued, which on installation will run with key already provided.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Licensed copy is user customized and is compiled with the name of the Licensee. It is therefore requested to send with the order the short name of your organization [e.g your organization (your city)] you would like to be incorporated in the licensed copy of HAMS-GPS.

  2. Licensed copy will install only on the PCs/Laptops where full demo copy (70 mb file size) is already installed and evaluated all the modules you wish to get licensed this should be confirmed by email.

  3. Chemical database in Advanced QRA has provision for adding / editing or deleting of pure chemicals and mixtures of chemicals by user  

  4. We have licensing terms for limited time period and also for full licensing fee which includes cost of maintenance for one year or for limited time period, based on validity period licensed.
    i.  For Full licensing offer (Offer for full licensing shall be sent on request.)
    ii. For Limited time period offer

  5. We keep updating HAMS-GPS software by continues use of software by our team and with feedbacks from our esteemed clients, so on activation, reactivation or additional key fee includes updates if any for licensed/selected modules only.

  6. For full licensing key (Serial number) validityKey is valid for lifetime as long as the system is not changed or formatted. If after one year from date of licensing the system changes key activation shall be charged.

  7. For full licensing, every additional (Means additional PC) licensing key/Re-activation 30% on current licensing fee shall be charged extra.

  8. All HAMS-GPS EHS Software modules licensed shall be treated as a PACKAGE only

  9. Any offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer

  10. Presentation of our software or Training on software use shall be only through WhatsApp call/TeamViewer/Skype screen sharing option. please do not request for onsite presentations

  11. We do not confirm anything on the phone, so we request you to send emails only 

We license our software by emailing you our WEB LINK to download licensed installer and procedure, from web which can be stored on Hard Disc itself or on any portable drive, since this system of downloading through WEB LINK is safer and faster. Further, it is a Green way and Environment Friendly to Deliver Software, as delivery through CD/DVD creates Electronic Junk and Environment Hazard.  WEB LINK will be active for 15 days from date sent.



WARRANTEE : The HAMS-GPS software has been developed in good faith and using standard mathematical models for various EHS-Management studies as recommended by International organizations like World Bank, ILO and leading researchers in the field. All mathematical models are simplifications of natural phenomenon and as such are compromises and never reflect the ultimate truth of the natural phenomenon like dispersion, fire, explosion etc.  Effort is always made to keep track of the developments in the mathematical models and HAMS-GPS modules are updated from time to time. Beyond this no Warranty is given You must install and run HAMS-GPS EHS software full demo version and evaluate all modules for its capabilities etc. before you go in for licensed copy of our software.

Suggestions for improvements are welcome.


The HAMS-GPS EHS Software Modules have been developed based on the internationally accepted Mathematical models as given in the following references:   

  1. "World Bank Technical Paper-55, Techniques for Assessing Industrial Hazards"
  2. "Chemical Process Quantitative Risk Analysis", American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Center for Chemical Process Safety.
  3. "Chemical Process Safety Fundamentals  with Applications".  By  Daniel A. Crowl &  Joseph  F. Louvar
  4. "Process  Safety  Analysis-An   introduction, by  Bob Skeleton.
  5. Major Industrial Hazards. By John Withers.
  6. Process Safety Fundamentals.   By Frank P. Lees.
  7. Guide lines for  Process Equipment  Reliability data  with  data  Tables.  By American   institute of chemical engineers.
  8. Specific rules, regulations and guidelines on Seismic studies and oil/gas exploration.
  9. International Standards/codes of practices of on storage and handling of relevant Petroleum Products and other bulk hazardous chemicals involved that have potential for major hazard scenario development.  
  10. Health & Safety Executive (HSE)- UK
  11. Meteorological data for the specific site is obtained from Internet.
  12. " Fundamentals Of Stack Gas Dispersion" By Author Milton R. Beychok
  13. "Manual of Emergency Preparedness for Chemical Hazards",



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All Offer valid for 90 days only.

Licensing fees and terms are subject to change without prior notice.

Any updates if any will be charged as per current licensing fee.

No return, no refund and No clubbing  of offers of HAMS-GPS EHS Software package/ fee once licensed.