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HAMSAGARS is among the leading QRA and EHS-Software and Consultancy organizations with advanced Research and Software development capabilities. HAMSAGARS have carried out extensive Research based Safety Audits, QRA studies, EMPs, Process Safety Reviews, Job safety analysis, modeling for EIA, etc. in Fertilizer, Pharmaceutical, Petrochemical, Heavy chemical industries. HAMSAGARS is among the select organizations who have carried out Safety Audits, QRA including Oil/Gas well blowouts. HAMSAGARS is the only organization using advanced software applications for SSPR, Accident and Fire analysis, OHSMS-Review, House-Keeping Review, QRA-Review, EMP-Review etc. as part of Safety Audit. HAMSAGARSí QRA studies involve advanced software applications for Source Modeling (SMOD) for quantifying scenarios, Dispersion Modeling, Fire, explosion modeling, FAR, FN-Curves and ISO-Risk contours, PROBITS, Absolute Fatality and Injury consequences etc


HAMSAGARS have developed highly advanced consequence risk analysis, HAZOP, Air dispersion software and other EHS related software giving in-depth and research oriented analysis wherein user can study various possibilities of risk occurrence at any height and is capable of handling analysis for big to small industries like Oil and gas industries, Chemicals industries, Fertilizer industries, pharmaceutical industries, Auto industries, Metal and alloy industries and for all process industries.


HAMSAGARS have since 2001 carried out EHS studies for clients in India and Overseas of various hazarders process industries and developed customized software for our clients 


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We also undertake advanced windows based software development  environment for individual organizations 



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