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 ISO/TR14121-2 Second edition 2012-06-01 accordance with ISO 12100:2010

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Machinery Risk Assessment software 

Safety of machinery and Risk assessment as per ISO/TR14121-2 Second edition 2012-06-01 accordance with ISO 12100:2010

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Machinery risk assessment is to locate and identify hazards, estimate and evaluate risks that may be reduced as much as possible. There are methods and tools available. The method or tool chosen will largely be a matter of industry, company or personal preference. The choice of a specific method or tool is less important than the process itself. The benefits of risk assessment come from the discipline of the process rather than the precision of the results: as long as a systematic approach is taken to get from hazard identification to risk reduction and all the elements of risk are considered. Adding protective/risk reduction measures to a design can increase costs and can restrict the facility of use of the machine if added after a design has been finalized or the machinery itself has already been built. Changes to machinery are generally less expensive and more effective at the design stage, so it is advantageous to perform risk assessment during machinery design. It can be useful to review the risk assessment when the design has been finalized, when a prototype exists and after experience of the use of the machinery. Apart from the risk assessment made at the design stage, during construction and commissioning, the principles and methods presented in this document can also be applied to existing machinery during revision or modification of machinery or at any time for the purpose of assessing existing machinery, for example, in the case of mishaps or malfunctions.  (From: ISO/TR14121-2) Download or view demo videos HD quality use Google chrome browser.

Machinery Risk Assessment Software

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machinery risk assessment software


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