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Installation procedure on YouTube 

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Download Full Demo HAMS-GPS PSM/EHS software (File size 140 mb)


HAMS-GPS Software will run on minimum: - 2.93 GHz speed or above, OS - Windows 7, 8, 8.1,10. Internet Explorer 5 or later,  250 MB free hard disc space, MS Office 2000 or later installed, display setting - 1024 x 768 resolution, True color. Runs on both 32bit and 64bit computers. Active Internet connection required.

Installation procedure on YouTube 

Download full Demo  (140 MB)

Installation Procedure must be followed as below

The licensed copy will install only on the PCs/Laptops where a full demo copy(Sr.No.1) is already installed and evaluated for all the software you wish to get a licensed copy of, which should be confirmed by email.

Subscription offer and payment gateway


Dispersion (DEMO-Standard module)
Explosion (DEMO-Standard module)
Fire (DEMO-Standard module)
Unit conversion (Working)
Pool Area Calculator (Working)

Download free Demo (26 MB)


HAMSAGARS on-line  E-Reading application DEMO. You can read first 15 pages of 21 topics listed for reading.

Download free DEMO (3.7 MB) 


1. THE BRAIN TEASER Game - mind boggling game.

Download free Demo (4 MB) 



Math game series - 1  find the missing two numbers from a set of 3 X 3 = 9 numbers, game has 3 levels

Download  freeware (3.6 MB)

Free to use


Payment options


1. Link to send payments through PayPal : 

2. Direct payment to our bank account by Net banking / e payment , Our bank details shall be sent on request


Very Important:    Administrator rights and Anti-Virus trust is required to install and run our software.

If an Antivirus application installed on your PC deletes or Quarantines our installed files then select the files, maybe one or two files from the Antivirus application and then tap Restore to recover the files.

HAMS-GPS Installation Procedure must be followed


Step 1. You must install DEMO COPY first 

Download HAMS-GPS Full DEMO Install demo and Microsoft access component setup 

(MS Office or later must be installed on this PC).

(Licensed copy will install only on the PC/Laptops where full demo copy is already installed and evaluated all the softwares you wish to get licensed)


Step 2. Important: must Run “HAMS-GPS EHS Software” program as administrator. 

Right-button click on HAMS-GPS EHS Software desk top icon ->Select Properties -> select Compatibility Tab->under privilege level Check [Run this program as Administrator]->Click [Apply] button->Then click [Show settings for all users]-> Opens dialog for compatibility for all users->Check [Run this program as Administrator]-Click [OK] and click [Apply] button


Important:  Must install “Microsoft access component setup”.  go to startup->All Programs->HAMS-GPS EHS software ->Right-button click on Microsoft access component setup (For MS office 32bit) or Microsoft Access Component Setup (For MS office 64bit)- and run "Microsoft access component setup”


Alternatively, you can run  "Microsoft access component setup” from HAMS-GPS startup menu "Help and more..." tab on the right-hand side top corner.

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